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The Dark Necromancer (Tales of the Amulet Book 1)

The Dark Necromancer (Tales of the Amulet Book 1)

Now you can Read The Dark Necromancer (Tales of the Amulet Book 1) with detailed description:

The Dark Necromancer, the first installment of the epic Legends of Kalda® series, Tales of the Amulet. By authors, D. J. Zangari & R. J. Zangari

Long ago on the distant world of Kalda, an ancient device known as the Au'misha'k was forged during the eve of a devastating war between the factions of dragonkind. Its mysterious powers brought an end to the conflict and for thousands of years peace was had between the dragons, elves and men of Kalda. However, as with most things had in the past, the Au'misha'k became akin to myth and legend; forgotten by almost all of Kalda's inhabitants.

Nearly six thousand years after what has commonly been called, "the dragon wars" by the men of Kalda, worn scrolls containing rumors of the Au'misha'k's existence have made their way to Iltar, a powerful wielder of necrotic magic. Enthralled by the fabled account, Iltar and his most loyal companions embark on an adventure to discover the whereabouts of this ancient power.

Albeit unknown to Iltar and his band, his quest to re-forge the Au'misha'k will dredge up the most vile of evils known to Kalda.

Published by LOK Publishing


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